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Love - The Most Human of all Resources

Have any of you ever watched or participated in a Disrupt HR event? if you haven't you can learn more about these events here. I went to one of these events in Richmond lately and my incredible friend, Robin Anselmi, presented a talk that had a huge impact on the way I've been thinking about my role as someone in the business of humans.

Before I tell you more about her talk, I first have to tell you some things about Robin. The universe gave me the incredible gift of meeting Robin a couple of years ago. I am serious when I tell you my life has been changed since meeting her. Every single time I have coffee with Robin (and we drink A LOT of coffee together) I find myself taking pages of notes on my iPhone about things I want to remember, new ways of viewing or showing up in the world and she makes me feel seen in a way I cannot put into words.

So now that you have a sense of her, here is what you need to know about her talk. Robin's intention was to change the conversation of how we (specifically HR professionals) do the work we do. However, I promise you her message is applicable regardless of how you spend your days.

Her primary message is about love. Checking love back into the game. Finding ways to not downplay the role (and frankly importance) of loving others, especially in our companies and in our boardrooms.

Think about your job for a second. That job might be something you do in an office or something you do within the walls of your home. But, what would be available to you if you approached life and people by leading with love?

What if loving others at the office wasn't the "broccoli we are trying to sneak on to the plate next to the meat and potatoes of traditional business skills like business acumen and strategic thinking."

What if we remembered that "love is the most human of all resources?".

Watch Robin share her wisdom with the world here.

To learn more about Robin click here.


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